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With over 13 years of extensive trading and analysis expertise, I am a seasoned professional Forex trader and analyst. My mission is to assist fellow traders in honing their skills through live market analysis sessions, ultimately paving the way for them to secure funding opportunities.  

The best way to learn & develop skills in trading Forex fast is to watch how professional traders analyse the Forex market and trade successfully. You can learn from them in a LIVE Trading Environment so you can understand how it works.

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Join me for a live Forex market analysis session, where you can witness my market analysis techniques in action, observe how I generate profits, and gain valuable insights to enhance your Forex trading skills. Experience the power of learning through real-time market analysis and boost your confidence in Forex trading.

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Hone your Forex trading skills with hands-on experience during my live market analysis sessions. Receive real-time training, education, and live support, all while learning alongside seasoned professional traders. Elevate your trading abilities and knowledge through this immersive learning opportunity.

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Enhance your Forex trading expertise through live market analysis and hands-on learning. Elevate your trading acumen with our comprehensive support, demonstrate your potential, and secure the chance to be funded with up to $2 million in trading capital from our investors. Plus, enjoy attractive profit-sharing opportunities.

Get Trained Professionally & Receive Up To $2 Million to Trade The Forex Market!

Many Traders Fail in Forex Trading 

Many traders, despite having the appropriate education and training, often struggle in Forex trading. While they might receive correct information, it's often delivered in a theoretical manner, which isn't always effective. The most impactful training comes from a practical environment where traders can observe professionals in real-time as they analyze and navigate the Forex market. This live demonstration allows them to practice concurrently, building their skills with confidence and ultimately securing funding opportunities..      

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Forex trading is about exchanging currencies to profit from their fluctuating values. As traders dive deeper into this market, they'll find numerous opportunities to earn and even enjoy the process. However, a common mistake is entering the trading scene primarily to chase quick profits, which can lead to rash decisions and losses.

The wiser approach is to emphasize "Skill Development Over Chasing Profits." Like mastering any craft, Forex trading requires time, practice, and learning from mistakes. By focusing on improving skills and understanding the market's intricacies, traders set themselves up for sustainable success.

Furthermore, observing professional traders in real-time is invaluable. This first-hand exposure to expert strategies and decision-making can significantly speed up the learning process, equipping newcomers with insights that might otherwise take years to gain on their own.

FREE One-to-One Consultation

FREE One-to-One Consultation. Discover Forex Trading Opportunities and Learn How to Trade Successfully Like a Pro. and best of all Make Money!

I will show you live how our professional Forex traders analyse Forex market and trade successfully. I will explain to you how you can follow them and make money. I will also discuss in more detail how to structure and develop Forex trading education plan effectively based on your current lifestyle, how to develop trading as a skill and how to attract investors for trading funds with No Risk.

I have limited availability so reserve your spot NOW before it’s too late!

Watch Live How I Analyse Forex Market & Trade

I believe anyone can learn Forex trading fast and effectively when they observe how professionals analyse the market and trade successfully. It is a practical approach, like learning how to drive by actually driving and practicing with an instructor instead of just reading theory books. This method is a much more effective to develop Forex skills rather than going through training material by itself.


I will answer all your questions you may have

I've crafted a bespoke Forex trading education platform. On it, you'll see my LIVE daily analysis of the Forex market. At the same time, you have the opportunity to practice real-time analysis, bolstering your skills and confidence. The platform captures screenshots of every trade you make, helping traders pinpoint and correct errors. Plus, I oversee your trades and provide instant feedback whenever you seek it

Platform Features are:
1) Real-Time Trade Analysis & Updates
2) Live Audio Commentary and Support
3) Price Alerts & Customised Charts
4) Forex Momentum Trading System Strategy
5) Real-Time Financial News & Updates
6) Market Sentiment Updates
7) Daily LIVE Analysis With Recording
8) Best Forex Education Material
9) Live Audio / Text Chat Support
10) Weekly Training Sessions  

Absolutely, you can. After honing your trading skills on my platform, I'll provide you with a trade copier EA. This can be attached to your MT4/MT5 platform, allowing you to replicate all your trades from my platform. This way, you can conveniently manage your MT4/MT5 account through my platform, eliminating the hassle of juggling two platforms.

Yes, I do. My primary goal is to identify disciplined traders who consistently produce positive results on our platform. In doing so, I can allocate trading funds from investment institutions, with a comprehensive funding growth plan of up to $2 Million per trader. For more details, please schedule a free one-on-one consultation with me.        

I am an intraday trader who analyzes the Forex market LIVE daily, trading alongside fellow traders. I generally avoid holding positions overnight unless there's a compelling fundamental reason. I prefer to close all my positions by the end of the trading day, allowing me to enjoy my life without the stress of pondering open trades.

I also assist swing and position traders. At the end of the day, all traders seek optimal technical entry and exit points. I provide that detailed information to support their endeavors.   

Yes, you certainly can. As an investor, I don't distinguish between full-time or part-time trading. I'm keen to invest in traders who demonstrate consistent results, even if they're making just 10 pips a day in a few minutes.

In my coaching & training program, the first thing I address is the student's lifestyle, objectives, and goals. If they can only dedicate a few minutes a day, I tailor the training and coaching plan to fit their availability.

Sorry, I don't simply hand fish to my students. Instead, I teach them how to fish so they can become independent traders and achieve success throughout their lives.

You can gain a distinct advantage over other novice traders. While every trader seeks the best trade opportunities and aims for optimal entry and exit points with valid technical and fundamental reasons, my daily real-time Forex market analysis can help you easily identify prime trading opportunities.  

It varies based on an individual's lifestyle, objectives, goals, and commitments. I've designed a practical approach to Forex trading coaching & training, emphasizing hands-on experience over mere theory. I offer all my new students a six-month period during which they can learn Forex trading through LIVE experiences, enabling them to develop trading skills more rapidly than through conventional training methods.

Absolutely, you can. We offer a monthly subscription to our platform for traders solely interested in LIVE analysis, without the need for training & coaching. If you demonstrate consistent trading results and prove to be a proficient trader, I'll also offer you a funded account to manage in tandem with your own. Comprehensive tech support is included. My primary goal is to identify skilled traders to oversee our funds.

I primarily trade during the London Session. At 7:30 am London time, I conduct a LIVE analysis of the Forex market, focusing on 4HR charts and Intraday evaluations. After the analysis, I wait for trade opportunities to arise and, together with my team of analysts, broadcast these insights through a LIVE audio squawk to ensure traders are always in the loop.

If the conditions are right and my team secures a good number of pips, I often wrap up by 10 am London time.

I return online at 2 pm London time, right before the New York opening bell, and resume LIVE analysis and trading with my fellow traders. If we have another successful trading window, I typically conclude my day around 4 pm London time.

However, other analyst traders continue to broadcast LIVE intraday analysis and accompanying audio updates until the London market closes.

On certain days, based on market dynamics or impending fundamental events, I may stay online longer. One crucial lesson I impart to traders is discerning the optimal times to trade, as genuine opportunities arise only during specific market windows. 


I'm a price action intraday trader and I don't rely on any indicators. However, I utilize a unique intraday trading system named FXMO, which aids both me and my fellow traders in pinpointing promising price action trading opportunities, encompassing both trend-following and counter-trade scenarios.

All my analyses stem purely from price action, and the FXMO system further sharpens these analyses to highlight optimal entry and exit points.       

If you demonstrate consistent trading success and skill development on our platform, the Training & Coaching becomes complimentary.

I do charge a fee upfront to ensure commitment, but it's refundable once you've proven your proficiency.

The fee varies as the training & coaching program is tailored to each individual's trading knowledge, experience, objectives, and goals.

For a deeper understanding, please schedule a FREE one-on-one consultation with me. 


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